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Bungee Jumping Harrachov
Television Tower
season: January - December

+420 607 232 070

PO-NE: 9 a.m. - 8 p.m.


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  Přijeli jste do Harrachova
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  Ubytování v Harrachově
  Přehledná nabídka ubytování
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  centra ubytování.



Bungee Jumping Harrachov ... the only year-round freestyle Bungee Jumping in the Czech and Europe

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    Jiří Stolín, Xtreme Sports will prepare
    adrenaline, adventure and teambuilding
    Activity premium quality.

    From 10 November 2013 every week!

    "Voucher validity, min. 3 months and up to 1 year!"

    Bungee Jumping Harrachov is the only place
    in the Czech Republic, where you can jump Bungee
    Jumping throughout the year from January to
    December. Let´s go to Harrachov on Television
    Tower in ski resort Harrachov, 145 metres
    above the city Harrachov.

Bungee Jumping Harrachov

On www.bungee-harrachov.cz you find the offer Bungee jumping from the Television Tower whose 36 m high steel construction for Bungee jumping is located at an altitude of 145 meters above the town of Harrachov. Select required dates jump or donate it to a friend. In Harrachov run Bungee Jumping throughout the year. Are you going to Harrachov on ski or snowboard? Sweeten to your moments bungee jumping.

Only in Harrachov you can experience freestyle Bungee Jumping. You can jump from the tower on snowboard or on snowblades or you can jump to flips.

Bungee Jumping - What is it?
Bungee jumping is a struggle against the inner demon of fear. To overcome ourselves, or satisfy your soul? You lost a bet or you got from your friends voucher to jump? What does it mean? You jump Bungee Jumping!!!

There are many reasons, risks and side effects Bungee Jumping why do not jump, but we can not guarantee that you become addicted to adrenaline after the first bungee jump and you want to jump repeatedly.

Bungee Jumping is such a test of courage. Bungee Jumping we are jumping from bridges, cranes and television towers. Bungee rope consists of several hundred rubber thread to mitigate the fall jumper. As a first in Europe and the second in the world after New Zealand Bungee Jumping offer throughout the year from January to December exclusively in Harrachov.

Bungee jumping - is English and means literally "strip" and "jump". When bungee jumping will have to overcome a high leap into the abyss. Height and overcoming your fear before the jump provide a huge adrenaline rush. Bungee Jumpers demonstrate great courage.

Bungee Jumping is an extreme experience that is worth it to spend. Bungee Jumping can jump as an individual or you can try in tandem. In Harrachov you can jump Bungee Jumping in the weight category from 40 to 120 kg. The tandem jump (jump in pairs) Your weight must not exceed 160 kg.

Why Bungee Jumping from a Television Tower in Harrachov?
As the only one in the Czech Republic we offer Bungee Jumping at several locations in the Czech Republic from the bridge, television towers and cranes and also in Harrachov you can jump in at any time..

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